Experience the Volvo difference in Volvo’s world class cab built with operator comfort and safety in mind.

Boasting superior visibility with slim cab pillars and a spacious environment with ample storage, Volvo’s renowned industry-leading cab design offers a comfortable, low noise environment to allow operators to be more efficient and more productive than ever.







Utilising the Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab interface, Dig Assist provides real-time guidance for operators to ensure job parameters are met more accurately with improved site safety.  

Levelling sites, digging trenches, grading slopes, and creating site profiles has never been easier. The operator can visualise the bucket and the machine’s position with indicator guidelines for trenching. 

Featuring Volvo’s renowned cab design with superior visibility, low noise and reduced vibrations, operators are able to be more efficient and more productive than ever.  

Dig Assist technology on the Co-Pilot display also provides real-time guidance for operators to ensure job parameters are met easily and accurately with improved site safety.

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Volvo E-series excavators are the perfect combination of power, comfort & innovation.


Volvo Co-Pilot is your partner in the cab. Co-Pilot is an intelligently designed interactive display that offers real-time insights into work performed, ensuring the highest standard of efficiency and accuracy in any application. 

Not only does Volvo Co-Pilot make light of heavy-duty jobs, but it also minimises interruptions in the workflow for greater onsite safety. The ergonomically-positioned display reduces operator interaction with fewer on-screen menus, helping to keep the focus on the task at hand. When pre-set operating limits are met, Volvo Co-Pilot alerts the operator through audio and visual signals. 

To keep operators running as efficiently as possible, there are many different tech-assisted options available. 

In-Field Design
In-Field Design uses GNSS and RTK navigation technology to offer centimeter-accuracy for excavation jobs.

It allows to dig trenches and more complicated shapes on 3-dimensions, which the operator easily defines on the Volvo Co-Pilot tablet. Eliminate the need for surveyors to mark out the excavation site. 
2D Standard Option
Intended for site levelling and profiling slopes, 2D uses real time data to clearly show operators when target depth/slope levels have been achieved. 

2D allows for high levels of accuracy, faster completion times and less under/over excavation. Helps operators of all skills and experience achieve higher productivity. 
3D Option
3D enables access respected site preparation applications by industry leading 3D solutions suppliers. 

Design profiles can be imported from external sources (e.g. civil engineering design plans) for project execution. 3D is ideal for complex or larger infrastructure projects. 

Bonus upgrade to 3 year/6000 hour component warranty and bonus $6000 towards a Volvo Genuine Attachment offer is valid for every new 14-30 tonne Volvo excavator purchased between 1st January 2023 and 30th September 2023. Offer available on Volvo excavator models EC140D, EC140EL, ECR145EL/ELD, EC200EL, EC200D, EC220D, EC220EL/ELD, ECR235EL/ELD, EC250D, EC250EL/ELD, EC300D, EC300EL/ELD, EC350D. EC350E, ECR355E (excludes Volvo wheeled excavators). Machine must be delivered by  31st of December 2023. Warranty is valid on component only. The warranty is limited to three years or 6000 operating hours, whichever occurs first, commencing from the date of delivery. Normal manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions apply. Images are for illustration purposes only. CJD Equipment reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.